Check out the portfolios created by our Sydney part-time students. 
Head to their websites to see more of their portfolio and follow them on Instagram to keep up with their design journeys!
Sean Abrahams
Sean Abrahams is a Sydney Based Graphic Designer, working on Gadigal Country. Sean is inspired by they way design intersects with historical, sociological and ecological processes. He has a love for typographic posters, stationary flat-lays and motion design. He appreciates considered designs that have something to say, with conceptual approaches on the content they reflect. When not designing Sean likes to get outdoors, have a swim and find some time to relax. Sean has been working as a designer for a year, and is keen for more experience.
Project Name: Madefrom Start Up Identity  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @seanabrahamsdotnet
Matt Dowie
Matt Dowie is a Sydney-based graphic designer with a passion for all things passion; Art. Culture. Nature. With a Marketing degree and a ‘cadet’ attitude towards learning and growing, Matt is excited to convey his passions through the medium of graphic design.
Project Name: Circles Handmade Record Cover  |  Website: |  Instagram: @mattdowiework
Kimberley Dwyer
Kimberley Dwyer is a Sydney-based graphic designer with a background in financial services. She is passionate about creating timeless designs and is particularly interested in branding, packaging and UX/UI.
Project Name: Tempo Magazine  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @designedbykimberleyd
George Gotsdyner
George Gotsdyner is a Sydney-based graphic designer with a passion for music, film and sports. After completing a Diploma of Communication at UTS he felt it would be better to explore his creative design and reignite his passion for design. George loves getting lost down the rabbit hole while researching and exploring new ideas.
Project Name: Pepsi Summer of Love Campaign  |  Website:
Donna McGann
Donna is a Sydney-based graphic designer. After years working in banking, finance and government, she was determined to pursue a more creative career in graphic design. She moved from regional NSW to Sydney before studying at Shillington. With a particular interest in branding, Donna prides herself on her keen eye for detail to create thoughtful and considered brand identities.
Project Name: Portinari Hotel Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram:
Nabin Sapkota
Nabin is a Sydney based Graphic designer. Prior to Shillington, he worked as an industrial designer focusing on creating consumer audio electronic products. After taking more interest in visual design, he has channelled all his creative experiences into to push the boundaries into the digital design space. Always hungry for knowledge with great motivation to deliver meaningful work.
Project Name: Nexus Campaign  |  Website: 
Lily Twelftree
Lily is a multidisciplinary designer based in Sydney. With a background in beauty marketing and now studying Data Science, Lily is passionate about the intersection of maths and (design) magic.
Project Name: Sephora Campaign  |

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