Check out the portfolios created by our Sydney full-time students. 
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Luca Bradfield
Making things has always been a part of Luca's life. From building Lego as a child, all the way to 3D printed motorbike parts, the feeling of making something new is what drives him to get up in the morning. With a love for white space and wide typography, Luca loves to design with simplicity and clear ideas in mind. When not at his desk, he can be found cruising the streets on the motorbike he rebuilt, seeking inspiration in strange places, or researching the latest tech and trying to justify why he needs it.
Project Name: MOUT Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram:
Ashton Carbone
Ashton is ambitious and loves to learn and try new things, she is always up for a challenge. She enjoy adventures in the great outdoors and all things travel. She has spent the majority of her working years in the corporate sector, however, decided it was time to follow her heart and pursue design.
Project Name: Cala Coco Branding  |  Website: 
Julie Chow
Whether it's starting a new sewing project or whipping up something crazy in the kitchen, Julie has always loved getting involved in anything creative. She is interested in illustration and motion graphic design.
Project Name: Suomaa Branding  |  Website:
Lara Clark
Lara always had a pencil or paintbrush in her hand growing up. After graduating uni and moving to Australia from the UK, she pursued a career as a buyer for FMCG goods. Now she is excited to rekindle her creative roots and has a love for great packaging design!
Project Name: Eve Beverages Packaging  |  Website:
Fio Enrico
Fio was born in Chile and studied nutrition and dietetics. After years of working in her field, her curiosity to expand her horizons led her to move to Sydney to study graphic design. Since she was a child she has been drawing and painting, murals being her main area of interest. When it comes to graphic design she is fascinated by illustrations and eye-catching designs that have something to communicate. She loves sports, traveling and can't live far from the sea.
Project Name: The Frunchroom Branding  |  Website:
Harrison Evans
Harrison studied Media and Communications and worked in film and television before transitioning to graphic design. He has a keen interest in visual communication and problem solving. When not working on something he can be found rock climbing, traveling, cooking (eating), enjoying the weather or sheltering away from it with a movie.
Project Name: Unlocking Love Brochure  |  Website: |  Instagram: @harrisonjrevans
Nathalia Giam
Nathalia is Indonesian-born, Irish-raised and now loves living in Sydney! She is passionate about food, travel and loves new experiences. Always up for a challenge and enjoys meeting new people. After working in a variety of careers she decided it was time to pursue her love of design.
Project Name: Biota Brand Identity |  Website:
Jinseon Kim
Jinseon Kim is creative designer, with a love of designing brands.
Project Name: Kodak-Apparel Campaign  |  Website:
Drake Li
Drake has worked as a video editor for a few years. He is truely passionate about graphic design. And he wants to focus on motion graphics and branding in the future. His ultimate goal is to visualise all his wild thoughts and day dreams by the designs. 
Project Name: Museum of football Branding  |  Website:
Pao Magno
Born and raised in the soils and sands of the Philippines - Pao attained a bachelor's degree in multimedia arts. While studying, she volunteered to do graphic design posters for the theatre arts department, where she discovered her passion for graphic design. She is currently in the pursuit of exploring and creating graphic designs that speak for her.
Project Name: Cough Syrup Handmade Record  |  Website:
Bridgette McRoberts
Before Shillington, Bridgette was working in the Hospitality Industry for WeWork in Denver, Colorado. She decided to turn her determination towards design and with her love of travel, move to Sydney, Australia. Although she is far from home, she manages to bring authenticity, purpose, and meaning to all of her designs and is ready to take on any challenge.
Project Name: Resonate Printing |  Website:
Laura Patino
Gadigal country (Sydney) based graphic designer and illustrator who is driven by her passion for art and craft. She is one of those few lucky ones that the pandemic brought something good to! Laura has been working in production for broadcast and media and studying art and illustration for about two years before joining Shillington. Often she gets involved in passion projects and collaborations involving painting, crafting (all off-screen). She loves her plants, enjoys deep conversations and often uses her dog Paco as an ice breaker!
Project Name: Choice Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @laurartello
Phebe Starr
Phebe loves tea, grandma clothes, all sorts of artistry. After growing up in the hinterland of NSW, on a farm filled with waterfalls and a horse called Icecream, she left the countryside to play music and write songs for pop stars, TV and even a famed Instagram AI robot influencer lil Miquela. She’s traveled the world and called a few places home: from Syd to L.A and NY. This ethereal ragabond is drawn to big ideas, big joys and all forms and formats of creative arts. Phebe is looking to find her next home with a strong creative agency.
Project Name: Big-Soviet-Kid Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @phebestarr
Luna Wang
Luna is a Sydney based graphic designer with a background in finance. After working in the industry for a few years, she decided to kick start her new career path in graphic design - something she had in mind for years. Luna is excited to delve into the world of branding, packaging and digital design. In her spare time, she enjoys sketching, hiking and food exploring. She is also developing her skills in digital illustration.
Project Name: MEO Packaging  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @lunawdesign
Paul Weeks
Paul is a Sydney-based graphic designer whose passion for branding identity and the psychology surrounding it started early in his career, and has only grown since coming to Shillington. He is drawn to design that inspires, challenges and influences audiences, and the way this can transform their perceptions and guide their decision-making. Paul loves to be challenged himself in his spare time and is a keen croissant/pastry-maker and eater (of course).
Project Name: Dune Handmade Poster  |  Website:
Daniela Zapata
Daniela is a Sydney based graphic designer with a love for all things cute. After completion of an animation degree she sought to further her skills and follow her design dreams. Daniela loves to learn and grow her creative skills through her passion for illustration, layout, paint, sculpture and photography.
Project Name: Apocalypse Dream Handmade Record |  Website:  |  Instagram: @thedanizap

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