Check out the portfolios created by our Online West Coast students. 
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Audrey Graff
Audrey Graff is a born and raised Californian who has always been an artist at heart. Since she was four, you could find her scribbling in her notebook with various purple markers and pens or pasting magazine cutouts on her wall. Fast forward, and Audrey has renewed her passion for art once more with graphic design. She only hopes to continue to develop her skills to create impactful and head-turning designs in the future.
Project Name: Resonate Magazine  |  Website: 
Wyatt Harris
Born in raised in Washington state, Wyatt Harris is a colorful graphic designer based out of cloudy Seattle. Having previously worked in leadership development administration, Wyatt now gets to turn his eye for detail and ability to connect with people to the world of design. Here goes nothing!
Project Name: WilkAltMilk FMCG  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @wyattharrisdesign
Thorsten Klein
A conscious and unfinished creative, Thorsten has always been in love with design and fascinated by its power to create transformational change in humans. An aspiring graphic designer at night, Thorsten's day work is focussed on organisational culture and employee experience with a strive to cross-over his both passions for good.
Project Name: Swiss Modernism Posters  |  Website:
Ashley Leclerc
Ashley is a Seattle-based graphic designer who loves to add a human touch to her designs by including hand-drawn elements, illustrations and lettering in her work. Originally from Canada, she brings a unique perspective to every project she takes on. With a passion for creating and a background as a former middle school teacher, Ashley aims to connect with others and create things that are as inspired as they are playful.
Project Name: Oktoberfestival Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @gonecoastal
Kristen Lee
Kristen Lee is a Virginia-based graphic designer and is always seeking new ways to challenge herself. From creating illustration work on the side, she decided that Shillington was the next step to make her pivot into the creative field a reality. She aspires to create positive content and inspire others to explore their creativity through her work. Her motto is, "Little things add up so make every minute count!"
Project Name: DinoVinyl UI UX  |  Website:  |  Instagram: createwithlee
Phoebe Shum
Phoebe is a graphic designer from San Francisco, with roots in Hong Kong and Malaysia. She specializes in minimalist yet playful designs that highlight the story behind each brand and campaign. Phoebe is excited to fully immerse herself in the creative industry so that she can help clients tell their story through eye-catching visuals and strong brand assets.
Project Name: Adrenaline Icons  |  Website:
Ariyana Smith-Robinson
Ariyana loves big and bold and she's not afraid to show it. She leaves you with this “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill
Project Name: Limi Packaging  |  Website: |  Instagram: @designchump
Sarah Y
With a background in Ecological Restoration, Sarah aims to merge her passion for the natural world with her creative talents. She sees design as an opportunity to fuse functionality with artistry in an effort to raise awareness for various causes and organizations. She will gladly put her talents to work in order to help create a better world for us and future generations alike.
Project Name: Bare Soap Bars Packaging  |  Website:

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