Check out the portfolios created by our Online East Coast students. 
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Aida Alvarez
Aida is a designer who’s inspired by her love and fear of the internet. She is interested in brand and digital design, motion design, web3, and creative coding. She’s curious about the cultural, physical, and communal impact of online experiences and spends a lot of time thinking about digital preservation.
Project Name: BALU Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @aidarebek
Anya Bakul
Anya Bakul is a designer and illustrator who loves playing with vibrant colours, bold shapes, and messages that live between images and words. She is inspired by little things, big ideas, nature, cartoons, love, and having as much fun as possible.
Project Name: How To Be A Human Being Album Cover  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @synthet.c
Eliza Bartram
In a past life, Eliza was an emergency nurse. Thanks to Shillington life is much more creative. She enjoys illustration, hand crafting everything and is excited by all things design.
Project Name: BEAST Branding  |  Website:
Fatima Bocoum
Fatima is a Brooklyn-based Art Curator with ten years of experience as a client strategist in tech. Experimental in nature, she enjoys designing stuff that tickle emotion. She believes in the power of content and the science of art to inform human-centric design. Born in China and raised in Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Mali, she approaches design with an inherent cultural sensibility.
Project Name: Niche Arts Culture  |  Website:
Jennifer Rose Ipsen
Jen Rose is a type-A free spirit who hails from a corner of Minnesota so far north it’s practically Canada. She now lives in the warm, sunny Bay Area, California and gets her inspiration from nature, activism, and her cat Blueberry. Pre-Shillington, Jen Rose ran a successful Marie Kondo-style professional organizing business. Now, when she’s not designing fresh brands and websites for solopreneurs, you can find her making up birthday songs on her guitar, hosting backyard talent shows, and making vegan pizza from scratch.
Project Name: Mosaic Packaging  |  Website:  |  Instagram:
Jenny Kim
Jenny is a multidisciplinary artist from New Jersey. Prior to Shillington she worked as a commercial video editor and is thrilled to blend her visual storytelling skills as a designer. She is eager to leap into the design industry and plans to continue to hone her skills in illustration and UX/ UI design. She enjoys espresso martinis and Vietnamese coffee.
Project Name: Soul Space Branding  |  Website:   |  Instagram: @jennykmedia
Andrea Lopez
Andrea Lopez is a Graphic Designer and a Collage Lover. She moved to NY one year ago with the intention of studying something she really likes. Her creative journey has been full of learning, nice people, and personal growth. In her free time, you can find her making collages with old magazines.
Project Name: Loud Fast and Simple Magazine Article  |  Website:
Joe Miller
Joe Miller is a self-described loud, yet refined designer with a background in music performance. Having established a foundation of discipline and artistry through his musical studies, Joe strives to bring every project to its fullest artistic potential. He loves that graphic design marries problem solving with creative expression. When not staring at a computer screen, Joe loves geeking out over trendy kitchen gadgets and binging Netflix shows with his wife. A devoted husband and father, Joe is currently based in the Sunflower State, Kansas.
Project Name: Olli Packaging  |  Website:
Justine Moore
Justine is a Toronto based graphic designer. She brings a unique artistic background to her projects as a former dancer who studied with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the Boston Ballet School. Her designs are guided by her audience, creating bold and quirky pieces that she hopes will delight and inspire them. She is currently working as a digital designer at global agency, Leo Burnett. When she’s not designing, Justine enjoys riding her bike around the city, trying new restaurants, and spending time with her cat, Ash.
Project Name: Cine Cine Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram:
Alec Moss
Alec Moss is a graphic designer based in Richmond, VA constantly striving to strike a balance between fresh and classic, serious and whimsical, colorful and dark. With seven years of experience in the music industry, he found his love for design pouring over great record covers and show posters. That appreciation turned into a passion that inspired him to begin designing for artists he worked with. After studying at Shillington, he has developed his graphic design practice into a wider scope including branding, packaging, digital, and more.
Project Name: Rewarded Packaging  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @alec.moss_
Michelle S. Palafox
Photographer and Graphic Designer that travels year round, based in NYC. Originally from the San Diego / Tijuana border, Michelle grew up understanding that she is an amalgamation of her experiences and surroundings, and brings that to the table. She is an old-soul creative that loves stories and lives in Spanglish.
Project Name: LimonYSal Project Handmade  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @michellespalafox
Jessica Patrick
Jessica is an illustrator and graphic designer based outside of New York City. She has over 10 years of experience supporting operations as an executive assistant for exclusive clubs and hotels. She loves being creative and is excited to find the connections between her passions and experience.
Project Name: HiBAR Campaign package  |  Website:
Alison Snyder
Alison Snyder is a graphic designer currently residing in Philadelphia. After working in fashion for several years, she decided to take a leap and follow her dreams of designing. When away from her computer, she can be found spending time outdoors, trying new snacks based solely off packaging and attempting to sew her own clothing.
Project Name: Cohort Coffee Packaging  |  Website:  |  Instagram:
Mattea Stark-Miller
Mattea is an NYC-based graphic designer and illustrator, with a love for all things whimsical and colorful. As a lifelong video game and animation fan, she takes inspiration from those mediums with a playful and fun approach to her designs. She is incredibly excited to advance her design career and create to her heart's content!
Project Name: Sour Handmade  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @illumatteadesigns
Ashley Valentine
Ashley is a designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Steeped in worlds of words and pictures, her experience in publishing and museums has paved the way for an unwavering passion for visual communication. When she's not designing or making art, you can find her catching waves at The Rockaways.
Project Name: NOTHING TO SEE HERE Handmade |  Website:  |  Instagram: @ashleyvalentinedesign
Hannah Wang
Hannah Wang is a graphic designer in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. She is driven by curiosity; and doing deep dives into her research for designs. She has strong interests in branding and working in-house within the outdoor industry. When she’s not working, you can catch her trying hard at local climbing crags, practicing jumps on ice, or baking a mountain of treats for her friends.
Project Name: Fashion Sends SoiLL Campaign  |  Website:  |  Instagram:
Abbie Wright
Abbie is a US-based designer with a knack for doodling and a passion for visual storytelling. She loves to find humor in day-to-day activities and enjoys collaborating with people from all over the world.
Project Name: Roam Website  |  Website:  |  Instagram:
Esther Zheng
Esther Zheng is a Graphic Designer based in Gold Coast, Australia. She loves experimenting with vibrant, fun and bold design styles and has a flare for incorporating influences from her eastern culture into her work. Brand identity and helping a brand communicate through good design is her specialty.
Project Name: Roll'd Thru Campaign  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @ezdesign_au

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