Check out the portfolios created by our New York part-time students. 
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Tyler Albrecht
Ty is a bubbly young web based designer with a fascination for all things art and design. She loves to experiment and put her heart into everything she creates. Constantly curious, she finds inspiration in everything and wants to share her creativity to the world.
Project Name: Zephyr Identity  |  Website:
Mariajose Bermeo
Mariajose also known as Majo (Mah-ho) is a Graphic Designer based in Brooklyn, NY working from her room with her crew Seli the bonsai and Athena the aussiedoodle.
Project Name: Nike Campaign  |  Website:
Rena Cantor
Rena is a New York-based graphic designer. She received a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and decided to further explore graphic design at Shillington. She has grown to appreciate the function of design as the art of problem-solving and loves how it gives her the opportunity to be creative and (maybe a little more than occasionally) cheeky. Rena is excited to go out into the world to utilize her newly acquired skills.
Project Name: Bounce & Twirl Campaign  |  Website:
Marissa Cole
Marissa Cole is a New York based multidisciplinary artist. Before Shillington, she worked in business and film production, producing short films and aidding various productions in England. Marissa’s diverse background has offered her a unique understanding of design that goes beyond the surface. She’s excited to focus on her passion and help client’s visions come to life.
Project Name: Oktoberfest Branding  |  Website:
Joseph DellaPenna
Joseph DellaPenna is an NYC-based graphic designer & musician pulling inspiration from the unique textures of the world around him. Since 2016, Joseph has operated an internationally recognized small business & passion project, Roachleg Records, & overseen art and design components for over 46 releases. Through the label, he has been able to exercise his unique creative sensibilities & work together with hundreds of artists & musicians in the process.
Project Name: Buoy Packaging  |  Website:
Angela Escobar
Angela Escobar is a graphic designer, opera singer and human resources professional. She is a super-fan of nature's perfectly imperfect beauty and her lifelong aspiration is to find a well-balanced blend of precision and raw creativity in everything she does. As an elementary school student, she won penmanship awards and, though that was some time ago (and her handwriting has changed since then), she still loves lettering, typography and the challenge of some rough copy to clean up. Angela lives in Brooklyn with her husband Ricardo.
Project Name: Golden Mast Identity  |  Website:
Katie Kamiya
Katie is a multi-disciplinary creative and graphic designer based in Queens, NY. With a BA in Linguistics and a background in Japanese calligraphy, she draws endless inspiration from East Asian lettering and typographic systems. Katie is obsessed with multilingual design and would love to work for a global creative agency!
Project Name: Wind + Water Identity  |  Website:  |  Instagram: mishiki_da
Anna Karaseva
Anna is a freelance graphic designer in the print and digital world. Born in Siberia with a warm heart, she now lives and works in the New York area. Drawing inspiration from art and diligently studying client needs, she turns each project into an object of admiration.
Project Name: CM App UI  |  Website:
Princess Jade Miranda
Princess Jade Miranda is a multifaceted creative, based in Brooklyn, NY. She has an incredible eye for aesthetics, able to capture the beauty she sees in the everyday world. Through using photography, film, and now graphic design, she can help you create a beautiful vision.
Project Name: Elixer Packaging  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @jade_visualz
Becca Marcela Oviatt
Becca is a photographer, videographer, dance educator, and prospective graphic designer currently living and working in New York City. She is passionate about creating and connecting with artists, educators, and movers from diverse backgrounds and styles.
Project Name: Silo 5 Hotel Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram:
Nicholas Washkin
Nicholas Michael is an artist, designer, musician and photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY. He has a passion for typography and printed media as well as branding and logo design. Nick creates memorable and impactful works across multiple mediums, combining modern design techniques with a hint of nostalgia.
Project Name: Ramble Magazine  |  Website: 
Natalia Zamora
Flowers aren’t digital but Natalia Zamora, a multidisciplinary artist from Bogota-Colombia, still talks and sees and feels the colors and bent stems of flowers to influence her art, design and spiritual understanding and passionate approach to her work. There’s yoga, fashion and design, too, and Natalia uses all theses mediums to create a graphic design that is uniquely her own, borrowing and giving back from her vision of one day arranging flowers for the Met gala & art directing, Natalia also enjoys, problem-solving, branding, UX/UI.
Project Name: Film House Branding  |  Website: |  Instagram: @not_yourputa

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