Check out the portfolios created by our New York full-time students. 
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Rhohan Bullen
Born and bred in the West Indies, Rhohan's work truly reflects the cultural melting pot of the Caribbean and exudes the vibrancy of his homeland, Barbados. With a B.A. in Studio Art, his multi-disciplinary approach to learning has led him to specialize in graphic design, photography and videography. With a nuanced and eclectic style, Rhohan is able to breathe life and meaning into his art.
Project Name: Zaha Hadid Brochure  |  Website:
Jenna Chung
Jenna Chung is a New York based graphic designer. Growing up studying music, she always had a passion for the arts and wanted to explore other tools to help her express herself. After Shillington, she is thrilled to dive deeper into the world of design.
Project Name: Popular Opinion Magazine  |  Website:
Anamaria Ferferi
Anamaria is excited to dive into graphic design (bonus points if it’s packaging- or hospitality-adjacent). She’s been drawing for as long as she can remember and hopes she can sneak an illustration or two into her future work. In a past life, Anamaria worked in finance. She learned a ton but was ready to shift gears and bring her creativity to life in a different way. When not designing or drawing, you can find Anamaria hanging out with her dog and hubby in Brooklyn.
Project Name: Tempremental Ales Packaging  |  Website:
Jenny Fromen
Jenny Fromen brings 10+ years of sales, marketing and business development experience with her into the world of design. With an eye towards advertising, packaging and brand identity projects, Jenny is enthusiastic about helping future clients stand out in a crowd.
Project Name: Mumbai Rediscovered Brochure  |  Website:  |  Instagram:
John Iacovino
John is a designer from Somerville, MA currently based in New York City. Before Shillington, he designed merchandise and other material for artists in the Boston music scene. Himself a lifelong musician, he hopes to continue his design career at the intersection of art and music.
Project Name: Aphex Twin Handmade Album Cover  |  Website:

Gabriella Leamey
Gabriella is a New York based graphic designer who is fueled by her drive to push her artistic boundaries, unlocking her full creative potential. Throughout her life competitive dance and choreography were the focal points of her creative endeavors, art and design were merely a hobby. After pursuing a career in childhood education at Marist College, it was early on in her career that she knew her passion for design was not simply a hobby, but an untapped potential to launch herself into a career she truly desired.
Project Name: Melt Studios Identity  |  Website:
Claudia Mamani
Claudia is a passionate artist who is always on the look to learn and try new things. Born and raised in Peru, now living in New York chasing her dream to become a graphic designer. She can't wait to take her work to a new level.
Project Name: Sweet Vice Branding  |  Website:
Axelina Morner
Axelina is a Designer from Stockholm with a background of 10 years in marketing. She creates beautiful and tactile experiences that draw from her existing knowledge and a future outlook of upcoming trends.
Project Name: Tom's Blend Packaging  |  Website:
Angelina Musayev
Angelina is a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in New York City. Prior to Shillington, she worked in digital marketing for fashion and interior design brands. She’s excited to blend her professional experience, passion for illustration and new digital skills in her continuous journey of visual storytelling.
Project Name: SAPO Packaging  |  Website:
Amber Nakpil-Griffiths
Amber is a New York–based designer who is passionate about visual storytelling, art, and strategy.
Project Name: Atum Sunscreen Packaging  |  Website:
Albulena Panduri
Albulena is a graphic designer and artist based in NYC. She enjoys all the creative things in life, from cooking and baking to photography and digital art.
Project Name: Hygge Packaging  |  Website:
Callie Platt
Callie recently returned to her hometown of New York City after living out west in Colorado and Utah for the past 6 years where she enjoys hiking and skiing. She spent her career working in Digital Marketing and looks forward to incorporating her design skills with her analytics and strategy expertise.
Project Name: Ski Cooper Campaign  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @calliecreatives
Jaime Randall
Jaime Randall is a graphic and surface pattern designer based in Brooklyn, New York. A recording artist converted to the visual aesthetic, her designs are fine tuned to provide a refreshing pop to every project. She discovers color palettes in every crack in the pavement, botanicals (always), and on far flung travels. Her portfolio is ever expanding because she sees patterns and type combos, waking or dreaming.
Project Name: Rare Bird Hotel Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @jaimerandalldesign
Travis Roberts
Travis is a Graphic designer in New York. After spending 11+ years in software sales, he decided to take the leap to a creative career in design. He hopes to continue his design career in branding.
Project Name: Breaking Grounds Packaging  |  Website:
Gabriel Santos
Gabriel is a junior graphic designer based in New York City and is interested in packaging, brand elevation, photography treatment and branding. Before diving into graphic design he was rooted into art handling, installing all forms of art as well as managing teams for bigger installations. Deciding to transition into the more creative route graphic design was the path to take.
Project Name: Beware of the Punks Magazine  |  Website:
Kathy Van
Kathy Van is a versatile designer based in South Florida. She is not afraid to tackle on different challenges and try out new styles. She combines her biological science background with her love of art to show you a whole new perspective on life.
Project Name: Evernite Games Campaign  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @kxthy.vv

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