Check out the portfolios created by our Melbourne part-time students. 
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Noah Anderson
Noah Anders is a Melbourne-based designer who consistently brings a fresh and forward-thinking approach to all his projects. As someone who has always had a creative instinct and a natural flair for connecting with people, it was inevitable that he would find deep love and passion for graphic design and creative collaboration. If he's not exploring his next creative project, you’ll most likely find him in the outdoors or having a nice cup of coffee at his local with mates.
Project Name: Lot98 Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @noahando_
Sean Anderson
Sean is an Australian based graphic designer with several years of experience as a commercial Plasterer as a framer and supervisor. He has also designed and ran multiple clothing labels. He is now excited to demonstrate his skills on this new career path.
Project Name: Imagine Festival Flyer  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @designs_by_butter
Molly Brown
Molly is a Melbourne based graphic designer with a background in visual merchandising and fine art. She is excited to start working on new projects and use the skills learnt at Shillington to take her designs to the next level.
Project Name: Fort Hotel Branding  |  Website:
Nana Hansa Changsombati
Nana is a Melbourne-based graphic designer, was born and raised in Thailand where her interest in design and communication started. Initiating from an advertising agency and jumping into the hospitality industry have made her understand people and wish to solve their problems with the design. She is very excited to have discovered a career that makes storytelling, daydreaming and doodling productive. Additionally, she is a mother of cats, obsessed with washi tape and also loves travelling to broaden her inspiration.
Project Name: Imagine Festival Flyer  |  |  Instagram:
Josh Daly
Josh is a sport and music lover currently based in Melbourne. He has an honours degree in psychology and a varied career that includes roles in criminal justice, intelligence and instructional design for online learning. He was motivated to enrol in Shillington so he could become a ‘creative all-rounder’ by adding graphic design skills to his existing talent as a writer/content creator.
Project Name: Waiting in a Corner Handmade Album Cover  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @jdaly_design
Carrie Hilton
Carrie is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer based in Melbourne. Previously working in investment banks in London and Tokyo, she switched paths to follow her passion for graphic design after moving to Australia and hasn’t looked back.

Project Name: Tempo Magazine  |  Website:  |  Instagram:
John Livingstone
John Livingstone is a Melbourne based designer, who has been a chef cooking up a storm in Melbourne and the UK for over 25 years. As well his creativity in the kitchen, he's had an abiding interest in all aspects of art and design. He is now stepping into graphic design to spark his interest in the current field of design, and explore the different aspects and parts of the creative practice.
Project Name: Diamond Mine Handmade Record Cover  |  Website:
Jasmine Pierce
Jasmine Pierce is a multidisciplinary designer, illustrator and artist, who adores works which feature a sense of whimsy, playfulness and adventure. With a background in visual arts, creative writing and editorial design, she is passionate about storytelling and bringing ideas to life. In her downtime she can be found doodling in her sketchbook, picnicking in the park, or hitting up the streets of Fitzroy for a hearty pub meal and a pint.
Project Name: Big Magic Handmade Book Cover  |  Website:  | Instagram: @jpierce.arts

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