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Anna Carey
Anna is a content creator from up North. She likes working across mediums to bring stories and ideas to life – particularly if it does good in the world. See some of the stuff she’s done on her website.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Hound Digital Site  |  Website:
Bex Clark
Bex is a London-based designer whose roots trace back to the considerably quieter streets of South Wales. After four years of working in licensing and marketing, she was ready to get more inventive and put her background in translation studies to a more visual use. With a passion for writing and a love of the dramatic arts, she appreciates the power of storytelling and enjoys weaving this into all of her work to create concepts and designs that stick with you.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Oi! Packaging  |  Website:  |  Instagram:
Bernadett Czerlyenacz
Bernadett is a designer based in London. She liked being creative from an early age, she also attended a part time art school in Hungary. Eventually Bernadett decided to pursue her love for travelling and cultures and studied Hotel Management. Travelling the World, living in countries like Spain and the UAE while managing small and big international teams have all majorly affected her view of the World which shows in her designs. Bernadett’s passion for digital design leads to creating magical brands with strong digital identity.
Project Name: Isia Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @bernadett.designs
Fergus Franks
Fergus Franks is a Photographer and Graphic Designer based in London. With six years marketing and brand management experience, he now runs his own photography and design studio, Studio Ferg, providing a unique combination of services to help brands produce content efficiently, with an emphasis on creativity and distinctiveness.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Scrub Packaging  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @studioferg
Eva Herle Schaffer
Eva is a graphic designer and mathematician based in South London. She combines her skills through data driven design to visualise and humanise information. Eva is passionate about using design to generate impactful narratives that encourage and inspire change.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Romeo & Juliet Handmade Poster  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @eveherleschaffer
Zohar Hever 
Zohar is a graphic designer who loves a mixture of abstract, colourful design and clean, minimal aesthetic. Being originally from the Middle East but living around Europe in the past few years allowed Zohar to be exposed to many different cultures and in turn fuelled her inspiration. Her holy trinity is food, music and fashion and she believes in bringing her love and passion into all the design work she produces.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Melt Handmade Record Cover  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @zoharhdesign
Jenny Hy
Aside from the sweet things tickling Jenny's taste buds, being a designer couldn't be more fulfilling. She is uniquely positioned due to her wealth of experience in digital advertising and campaign execution, combined with a passion for understanding consumer behaviour. Underpinned by her enthusiasm for digital design and branding, she illustrates work through her poise and playfulness. No creative blocks are too big to overcome! So please reach out to say hi and begin a partnership in bringing your project to life.
Project Name: Uplife Branding  |  Website:
Kat Medawar
Kat is a London-based designer who is fascinated by everything 3D. She draws a lot of inspiration from nostalgic moments in her life whilst mixing that with a view forward. She loves embracing the weird and is excited about immersing herself in the future of design innovation.
Project Name: Sweetheart Records Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @katmedawar
Kam Moodley
Kam is a London-based graphic designer who has been fascinated by design from an early age. As a 'grown-up', he went down a less creative career path in digital adverting but even though design was side-lined as a hobby he spent hours lost in photoshop and Illustrator in his spare time. Shillington gave Kam the confidence to finally embrace his true passion and venture into the creative world as a designer. Making up for lost time, he is always open to experimenting with new styles and mediums and is also a keen product photographer.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Festival Typography  |  Website:  |  Instagram:  @kamcreativestudio
Charlotte Robertson
Charlotte is a designer who enjoys creating vibrant, playful work that will have a positive impact on others. With a background in illustration, she joined Shillington to expand and develop her skills. She is always looking to try new things and isn't afraid to get messy.​​​​​​​
Project Name: MIF Display Typeface  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @c.rbtsn
Stefania Sala
Stefania is a London-based graphic designer originally from Milan. After studying architecture and design back in Italy, she has spent the last few years working in hospitality, but is returning to her original passion for design. She gets inspiration from finding creative solutions to every design project she works on. Following a simplistic, yet imaginative process in her work, she is excited to see what the future holds for her renewed passion in graphic design.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Origin Project Branding  |  Website:   |   Instagram:  @design.stefaniasala
L Stutt
L is a graphic designer with a love for branding. She enjoys picking up new crafts and incorporating motion graphics, handmade elements and illustration into her projects. She's a born and raised Londoner, wannabe opera singer, and has two big dogs she adores.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Imaginarium Museum Branding  |  Website:  
Ellen Wu
Ellen is London based embroidery designer with the love of graphic design from Taiwan. Inspired from her history and nature surroundings, she is ready for her adventure in graphic design!​​​​​​​
Project Name: Garden Museum BrandingM  |  Website:   |  Instagram:  @ellenwudesign

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