Check out the portfolios created by our London full-time students. 
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Pika Bercic
Pika is an adventurous designer. She is easily inspired, likes to improvise and is constantly coming up with new ideas for her multidisciplinary designs. She likes to be spontaneous and have fun but is focused and takes her creative process seriously.
Project Name: Cloudwater Packaging  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @pikabercic
Florine van den Biggelaar
Florine is graphic designer originally from Amsterdam (but very open to work wherever) with typically a saxophone, camera or paint brush in her hand. After a master in behavioral economics and a career in sales, Florine decided to pursue her love of design and couldn't be happier to have made the plunge.
Project Name: Choqku Packaging  |  Website: 
Julia Boman
Julia is a calm and caring builder of narratives. Her creative journey has brought her from a small town in Sweden to London via a deep engagement with painting and printmaking at Glasgow School of Art. Julia has a keen eye for detail, a passion for visual storytelling, and a desire to explore ways of bringing her skills as a visual artist into the world of graphic design.
Project Name: Unwind Ur Mind Campaign  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @xjuliaboman
Lydia Bone
Lydia is a South London based designer.  After graduating, she spent four years in fashion and retailing but always knew she wanted to pursue a more creative path. Enrolling at Shillington was the first step towards pursuing Graphic Design full time. Problem-solving and attention to detail are her strengths and she’s open to new ideas and opportunities. Now that she’s graduated from Shillington, Lydia is excited to see what the future has in store and kick off her new creative career path.
Project Name: Polyphonic Website  |  Website:
Florence Campbell
Flo is yet another English and History of Art graduate who, having finished university, started working in account management and quickly realised she should’ve gone to art school after all. Flo loves a good story and has always appreciated the ‘smile in the mind’ moments of design. She greatly enjoys creative problem solving and strives to create brand identity work that always has an idea or story at its core.
Project Name: Mind The Doors Typeface  |  Website:
Lola Daroca
Spain-born and London-based, Lola always had a knack for all things creative. After graduating in Art Conservation, her thirst for experiences set her on a mission to travel the world. Now she is ready to pour her inventiveness into graphic design. Though she'll never shy away from learning new things, she likes printed, handmade and packaging above everything else. But doubt not, her true passion is eating tasty food.
Project Name: Woofies Packaging  |  Website:
Dia is a multi-faceted creative. Combining a background in psychology, neuroimaging and makeup artistry with a passion for Graphic Design, she is ready to share this unique perspective with the design world.
Project Name: Buena Piel Packaging  |  Website: |  Instagram: @diacreative
Sara El-Sheemy
Sara is a graphic designer. She likes to experiment with colour and demonstrates this in her approach to branding and editorial design. she is a conceptual thinker.
Project Name: Five Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @saradesignss
Tobenna Etiaba
Tobenna Etiaba is a simplistic and straight forward designer with an already existent background in the field of graphic design. Constantly looking for new ways to make things entertaining. He's a sucker for the colour green and also has an interest in motion design.
Project Name: Claro Campaign  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @tobe_e747
Chloe Fennell
Irish, London-based and until now an optometrist, Chloe finally decided to embrace her creative side by joining Shillington. She's now very excited for a new adventure, bringing more colour and fun to work through her love of story-telling, words and illustration.
Project Name: One More Croissant For The Road Handmade Book Cover  |  Website:
Ginny Gegg
Ginny is a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Lewes, East Sussex. Born in the UK, raised in France, and degreed (is that a word?) in Spanish and Mandarin, Ginny’s language skills morphed into a love of the weird and wonderful ways of words. This led her into the world of marketing, where she worked for six years. She’s now applying her visual mind and copywriting skills to graphic design. Aside from her undying passion for porridge, Ginny also enjoys running on the South Downs, where she finds her creative ideas flow best.
Project Name: The Microverse Museum Branding  |  Website:
Jay Haldipur
Jay Haldipur is a London-based Graphic Designer who brings his adaptability and previous professional experience in marketing to dig deep in the world of graphic design. His understanding for who he's designing for informs how he approaches a brief by looking through the lens of the user. Jay loves a challenge and strives to come up with creative solutions to solve it.
Project Name: Polyphonic Website  |  Website:
Maddie Holden
Maddie is a London based graphic designer who likes to immerse herself in creative environments. She always has her eyes peeled for something she finds intriguing, drawing influences from anything and everything. Culprit to choosing products purely based on aesthetic, she is ready to be the cause of these choices! Her previous experience in the art gallery world was not enough of a practical creative output for her to feel fulfilled and so she is very eager to kickstart her career and delve into life as a graphic designer.
Project Name: Belt Packaging  |  Website:  |  Instagram:
Rawan Jardaneh
Rawan is an inquisitive designer based in London who has a background in marketing. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling she uses her skills to create minimalistic visuals that capture the essence of a message. She is always seeking new challenges and opportunities.
Project Name: Re Packaging  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @rawanjardanehdesigns
Nishita Jha
Nishita is a journalist-turned designer who makes modern, inventive designs driven by a love for culture, language and illustration.
Project Name: Friske Packaging  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @birdorfish_
Leah Jones
Based in London, but originally from North Wales, Leah is a signmaker turned graphic designer. She enjoys handmade approaches and creating pattern. Leah’s other passions include: cats, crochet and doodling.
Project Name: Luomus Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @leahjonesdesigns
Mollie Kendrick
Mollie is a London-based interdisciplinary Graphic Designer who is passionate about creating engaging design solutions through thoughtful yet funky designs for any creative project, big or small. She enjoys a challenge and is excited to plunge deeper into the world of design.
Project Name: House of Momofuku Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @_mkgraphics_
Jake Knibbs
Jake is a designer that loves all things colour and grids. He has a keen eye for detail with a passion for print. Two thing are for certain, Jake is always the one to ask the most niche questions and never turns down an opportunity of a good chinwag.
Project Name: Colour For All Campaign  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @jake_k_design
Fumika Kobayashi
"East meets West." Fumika is a Japanese graphic designer based in London who loves travelling and fantasy all her life. She's been to 20 countries and every country inspires her. While she's proud of her country and its culture, she always appreciates the Western atmosphere and designs. Finally, she found her own way that she is capable of showing her understanding and love of Western and Eastern designs in her canvas of ideas. Her greatest gift is fortitude. No matter how hard it is, she makes every effort to achieve her goals.
Project Name: Tales of the Briny Museum Branding  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @fumikadesign
Teeny Lam
Teeny is a London-based graphic designer. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she has a love for culture and meeting people from all over the world. She has previously worked in account management at a leading advertising agency executing multi-channel media campaigns for FMCG clients. After realising her passion was in creative design, she made a career change and is now excited to build her career in the world of design!
Project Name: Love Knows No Distance Campaign  |  Website: |  Instagram: @teeny.create
Nicolai Lehmkuhl
Nicolai is excited to start his career in graphic design, having previously worked in Venture Capital for 2 years. Through travelling the world and experiencing new and exciting adventures he stays curious and inspired. He specializes in UI, UX, Brand Strategy and Illustrations. In his spare time you'll find him playing the guitar, drawing whatever comes to mind and watching the latest Sci-fi movies.
Project Name: B-LINE UX  |  Website:
Isabel Lowe
Taking the plunge and pursuing Graphic Design has felt completely natural to Isabel. With over five years in Marketing at tech companies, reconnecting with her creative side has been a hugely rewarding experience, and she is delighted to (finally) be embarking on a career in something she loves. Isabel is eager to further her skills, incorporate her love of copywriting, and design, design, design. It feels like what she was born to do.
Project Name: Museo Del Oro Branding  |  Website:
Alice Mirgorodskaja
My name is Alice Mirgorodskaja I am a graphic designer based in London. Fashion lover and a Perfectionist. Graduated from The Shillington College in 2022. I Can’t wait to bring more ideas to life through design. I am prepared to do my best.
Project Name: The Little Prince Handmade Book Cover  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @i_amm_alice
Emily O’Flynn
Emily O’Flynn is an artist, curator and graphic designer. Originally from Cork, Ireland, she is now based in London, UK. Taking inspiration from contemporary art, as well as her own print and painting practice, O’Flynn approaches her design work with curiosity, a hunger for the new and experimental, and a commitment to push the boundaries of her practice to create unique and stimulating design.
Project Name: Raw Africa Magazine  |  Website: |  Instagram: @emily_o_flynn
Isabelle Rabeling
Isabelle is an Amsterdam based graphic designer with international ambition, who has always been intrigued by design. At a very young age, it all started with glue, paper, scissors and personal magazines. It became quite obvious that this girl has an exceptional ambition to outperform in the creative industry. After graduating at the Academy Artemis Amsterdam in All Round Styling and working in the creative industry, she was eager to expand het design ambitions while living abroad. What will be the next adventure?
Project Name: U Turn Campaign  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @rabelingdesign
Lily Bunce Redding
Lily Bunce Redding has a pretty long name, hence the ‘Brrr’… But that’s beside the point. Lily is also an East London based graphic designer who loves to bring a playful and experimental edge to her solution focused editorial and branding projects. She's also a magazine hoarder, but you don't need to know that.
Project Name: Medicine Uncensored Branding  |  Website: |  Instagram: @brrrdesigns
Megan Reed
Megan is a London-based graphic designer with a love for clean and classic design. Things that get her pulse racing: brand identity, UI/digital, and interiors. Things that will get your pulse racing: her perceptiveness, meticulous style, and Yorkshire common sense - creating designs that are simple and elegant, yet impactful and memorable. Come say hello!
Project Name: Polyphonic Website  |  Website:  |  Instagram:
Emily Spoors
Brighter Brands.
Project Name: Smooshie Website  |  Website:
Céleste Spratt
On graduating from Cambridge with a degree in architecture, Céleste turned to graphic design as a path where she could be more creative. Her work is borne out of her obsession with making - drawing, painting, designing, crocheting - and she can’t wait to collaborate with like-minded people out in the graphic design industry. Céleste is London-based and eager to throw herself into a friendly, creative environment.
Project Name: Zaha Hadid Tour Brochure  |  Website:  |  Instagram:
Oriel Steel
Curious, experimental and always optimistic, Oriel is a London based graphic designer with a healthy obsession for all things art, music and design. This coupled with a background in art and technology, Oriel’s creative approach comes loaded with inspiration and ideas and she’ll go above and beyond to reach the concept and deliver the design.
Project Name: Texas Moon Handmade Record Cover  |  Website:
Abby Stoneham
Abby Studied Costume Design at Nottingham Trent University. She has a love of colour and textiles and hopes to start her own textiles company one day. Her love of design started from a very young age when she started drawing brightly coloured doodles at the age of 4, lets just say not much has changed!
Project Name: Vit Packaging  |  Website:
Sonya Susta
Sonya is a graphic designer and illustrator , she is from Italy but she is based in London. She loves bright colours, music and experimenting new things that put her outside her comfort zone. She has a background in marketing and advertising as a marketing executive, managing different clients and accounts and developing many creative campaigns for her clients. Here is where she started doing more design related project and decided to go more in deep on what has always been a passion of her and start is adventure as a graphic designer.
Project Name: Cool Beans Packaging  |  Website:  |  Instagram: @soncreative_
Tracy Villanueva
Tracy Villanueva is a San Francisco native. A former event professional who survived 13 years in the corporate world. She recently decided it was time to start her next chapter: pursuing a lifelong dream of being a creative and living abroad. Tracy enjoys creating handmade elements and using these in her designs. She is extremely excited about her creative journey and starting a career as a designer!
Project Name: The Velveteen Rabbit Handmade Book Cover  |  Website:
Belle Woodman
Belle is a London-based graphic and textiles designer. After studying textiles and surface pattern design at Leeds art University she found a passion for digital design. She loves bold, playful and colourful designs which make a statement. Belle prides herself on having an eye for good design and bringing hard work and good energy to anything she embarks upon.
Project Name: Knit Know Campaign  |  Website:
Mu'az Zulkifli
Mu'az is a graphic designer which enjoys doing illustrations and web designs related projects. He is very committed person and usually his work will imbued with details of his personal interests and traits.
Project Name: Metamilk Packaging  |  Website:

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